Who we are:Grieved Inferno is a solo musical project, primarily focused on creating and performing music, and operates under the name "Grieved Inferno Studios". Citing Imagine Dragons, AJR, and Skillet as inspiration for music, Grieved Inferno has not yet released any original music. The project gained slight recognition for its appearance on the song "The Difference" by AidanBrownTBD. The song blends elements of rap and synth, and the lyrics explore themes of anger-management and self-reflection. Our contribution to the track is a secondary vocalist that adds to the song's emotional message. The musical genre of Grieved Inferno is not specific, and the project incorporates a wide range of genres and styles. We have been involved in music since late-2020 and has stated that the project was born out of a desire to create music that reflects his personal experiences and emotions, and to inspire those who listen. While Grieved Inferno has not announced any plans for live performances or tours, fans are eagerly anticipating the release of original music from the project.
Devin FerrogineHometown: Wall, NJ
Singer, Songwriter, Producer